Mawpit – Eat A Corpse

Here’s one for the grungers! Cardiff and Wales continue their onslaught on the British music industry as relative newbies, Mawpit kick you in the face (lovingly of course) with their second single “Eat A Corpse”

“Eat A Corpse” has received high praise indeed from John Kennedy, BBC introducing and Kerrang in the last couple of weeks and for bloody good measure too. Guitarist Jordan and drummer Aled toe the vast line across grunge, alt-rock and a bit of punk as singer & lyricist Cait seemingly brings all three together with a punk vocal that immediately takes me into Debbie Harry territory …… and it doesn’t really get much better than that does it?

Cait explains “I wanted to wrote a song that represented the voiceless victims of humans and I think the song succeeds in portraying that feeling of disgust through the use of sattire” And succeeds she does, the lyrics are uniquely tongue in cheek – “covered eyes, look away from them, fake you’re blind because ignorance is bliss”, it’s clever from Cait and delivered perfectly against the backdrop or Jordan and Aled’s musicianship.

Big things to come ……. loud things to come!


Credits: Photographer: Stephane James Artist: Lucinda Livingstone – Bloodflower Design 

Peace & Love as per x

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