EEVAH – The Wire

For 30 seconds, Richard McNamara’s guitars had me standing on the runway at the US airbase readying for Maverick and Iceman to fly the good vibes home, but instead of some classic eighties questionable but lovable acting from at least one guy who played Elvis at one time or another, this soundtrack is met by the beautiful sound of Nicole Hope Smith’s vocal.

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If someone had separately played me the music and the vocal to EEVAH’s latest track, “The Wire”, I’m not sure I would ever put the two together but oh my fucking god do they work, which is absolute testament to the experience and genius that is this duo hailing out of West Yorkshire and the fact that mere mortals like me would never be capable of producing such enigmatic brilliance.

“The Wire” is more than just some 80’s synth inspired merry-go-round, it’s perfectly mixed and produced too and you can just feel that there is something very special happening with these guys. If you were lucky enough to see the social lockdown gigs keeping us all from losing our heads, then you would have seen it first hand with your own windows to the soul.


Nicole’s vocal is always going to be at the forefront of people’s ears on “The Wire” because let’s face it, it’s so alluring that even the most musically-challenged egos would sit up and take note, but don’t let it distract you from how good these two sound together and the fact that the music is so beautifully crafted to compliment.

Two lines stand out for me in a track that oozes a bit of lyrical class “Sharpen your weapons, cos this looks like hope” and “I know I’m dreaming big for both of us”, loving lyrics that celebrate the freaks of loves lived and lost.

“The Wire” is just another tick on EEVAH’s steps to great things, it’s a top fucking tune that’s been repeating on repeat across the stereo and even once the stereo is out counting grooves for the night.


Richard and Nicole look great and sound great, their writing is insanely good, their merch is off the hook and who doesn’t fucking love a keytar?! Also, if they sound that good in a lockdown session within four small walls, how fucking good are they going to sound back on stage???  ………. I for one, cannot bloody wait!

There is also another awesome video by this amazing duo, check out “The Wire” on EEVAH’s youtube channel from 14th August :

Oh – Did I also mention sick merch? Check it out here:

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank Richard for “Hooligan” and the underrated kazoo – Mad respect x

Peace and love as per x

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