Oracle Sisters – Paris I EP

Earlier this month saw the release of Parisien trio Oracle Sisters’ debut EP, Paris I and it’s one of the most beautiful things to come out of Paris since I picked up a vinyl copy of Jacqueline Taieb and smuggled it across the channel on the freight train of love.

If you find beauty in chilled vibes with cinematic and dark room influences of a wishful purist city life, then, like me, this EP is for you.

Some of literature’s great verse was written about the street slums and alleyways of fine dining kitchen’s in George Orwell’s “Down and Out In Paris and London” and you can only imagine Orwell living through the same pictures that Oracle Sisters manage to find beauty in, maybe through catwalked rose-tinted round glasses.  Through these glasses and their natural ability to write pieces of art, they have recorded this stunning debut EP with a chilled essence that show just how laid back and cool this band really are, so cool in fact that you can imagine that rooms tidy themselves after the trio have left to explore the next city’s underground.

The only way to listen to this EP is kick back, starfish, float or walk without a care in the world and a single thing to do, if you do have a care in the world, you surely won’t after listening, it’s pure musical meditation that will take you on a unique journey with every listen from the dulcet tones of “High Noon” to the perfect harmonies of personal favourite “Asc. Scorpio”.  Paris I is every bit the perfect debut EP and is available now via NYC indie label 22TWENTY records.

Lose yourself in the studio Ghibli inspired video with art made by Ugo Bienven of “Honest Man”


Peace & Love as per x

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