Springfield Elementary – Doctor Doctor

I think you would agree that if The Fall, Happy Mondays and John Cooper Clarke decided to bed down, find a squat to live happily in and adopt a musical baby,  it would be A- one fucked up situation and B- one charming, fucked up kid, and this is exactly what Springfield Elementary have spawned with their new single “Doctor Doctor”.

In their short time as a band in this weird world we love to hate, Manchester lads Billy, Brad, Liam and Chris’s tunes as Springfield Elementary have been described as the lovechild of The Sonics and The Brian Jonestown Massacre which couldn’t be closer to the truth apart from “Cosmic Dawn” which is more like The Shadows on hallucinogens.   All of these analogies are geared towards saying that this band are capable of creating whatever madness they bloody well like and it sounds fucking rasper.


New single “Doctor Doctor” maintains the punk edge and psychedelic prowess of previous contributions but this is a band at their best yet, with it’s deep fuzzy guitars, notoriously bassy dark drums, punk vocal and spoken word, it has an air of a heyday-ing Happy Mondays party and the beautiful carnage that goes with it, however the lyrics come from a darker place explains frontman Billy Goodwin: “The lyrics were written after years of mental health struggles and the hopeless feeling that comes from living with a relentlessly individualistic and selfish society, It’s more anthemic than our other stuff, a sort of ballad for the battered mind with a dash of optimism.  I wrote this song ages ago and recorded it well before the lockdown was implemented, but I think it definitely reflects a lot of people’s moods right now. I think COVID-19 has been especially difficult for people living with mental health issues, and find the strength and solace in this song (or at least the relatability to know their anxieties aren’t alone)”.

If you can relate to mental health well being then you will understand where this is coming from and the tune will mean as much to you as the feeling of the burden’s demise upon communication.  If you can’t relate, don’t worry a bean, you don’t have to, because “Doctor Doctor” is a track of pure class and it will have you shouting about to anyone who will listen to you and spreading the love for this band.  It will undoubtedly gain Springfield Elementary a wealth of new fans, for it has bit of everything, for everyone, punk fans, psyche fans, indie fans, britpop fans, rock n’ roll fans, desk fans, ceiling fans and a shit-load more.

“Doctor Doctor” is out now on Detention Records, streaming across the usual:


Peace & Love as per x

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