The Skinner Brothers – Away Days

Football may be back in our lives but let’s face it, it’s fucking weird without the one thing that makes it what it is …. the fans.  It doesn’t matter who you support or even why , there is something very special about meeting up with your mates or your family and going to the football, it’s tribal, it’s religious and it’s ours but it’s been taken away from us right now and rightly so with the current worldwide situation, however that doesn’t stop us missing this and much more in these testing times.

If you are used to meeting up with your mates at stupid o’ clock in the morning to jump on the party bus to go and watch your team put in a shite performance and lose in some shithole town that ain’t your own, then you will know only too well the sinking feeling of watching your teams humbling performance will only last fifteen minutes or so until you are back on the bus and you know from the look on his face that 60 year old veteran, Norman is feeling much worse than you, even though he’s seen it a thousand times more than you and you still have a long journey home but you have beers and you have your mates so it’s going to be okay.

Whether you’ve seen it all before or if you are breaking your duck, you will always have a soundtrack to these days, for some it’s superstition, a lucky song or for some, like me, an unlucky one, for some reason I haven’t seen my team win on a matchday if I hear “Mersey Paradise” by the Stone Roses, which pisses me off because I fucking love that tune.  Whatever your matchday soundtrack these days, put it on the back burner because London boys, The Skinner Brothers have just encapsulated the whole day’s soundtrack in a perfectly timed three minutes.

“Away Days” is an absolute anthem for a Saturday or any other day to be honest but it’s not just a bit of terrace rock n’ roll, there’s a sensitivity to it, it’s a track full of pure passion and you can feel it the whole way through the music and the lyrics, “Feeling half-cut on Sunday, my girl, she left me by Monday”.  Many of us have been there but it’s a love like nothing else.  Someone once said that “football is not a matter of life and death, it’s much more than that”.

The Skinner Brothers already have a cult following and fans that include one of the coolest fuckers on the planet in Carl Barat.  Fans of anyone from The Streets to Glasvegas will love these lads such is the creativity of their tunes but “Away Days” might just be their best yet.  If anybody needed proof that great fashioned guitar based rock n’ roll bands are coming for you in a big way, then look no further than The Skinner Brothers.  Move over the manufactured shit that has brainwashed the kids that matter and let them bring forward the new revolution.

“Away Days” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms and they have just release the lyric video so you can all sing along from the apartment terraces …… for now:


Peace & Love as per x

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