Frank Fogden – All You’ve Got to Do

That man Frank Fogden is at it again!  The tunes just keep coming and he’s back with his latest offering “All You’ve Got to Do”.  It’s an inspired 60’s track right from the Day Trippng tambourine and harmonies of The Beatles to the fuzzy guitar sounds of the early Underground with a vocal that continues to show Frank Fogden’s diversity and all in under 3 minutes, so typically 60’s and so brilliantly clever.


Frank Fogden is quickly putting together his own arsenal of early inspired rock n’ roll, so much so that you could easily put it onto a compilation from just one man. I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before future rock n’ rollers get inspired and want to make something so typically “Frank Fogden” and just as brilliantly clever.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso

Great things have to happen for Frank Fogden, the music he produces doesn’t get made these days, it’s keeping the spirit alive whilst birthing a new one and I’ll continue to push it until Everton win the league ……. basically get used to it!

Check out the full Frank Fogden arsenal:


Peace & Love as per x

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