Skylights – Enemies

Manchester’s indie label 42’s Records have yet another boss band  on the label, this time with Yorkshire lads, Skylights.  Last week saw the physical release of their first single on 42’s Records with “Enemies”, although the band have released tracks before, they may now have just found their spiritual soulmate.

SKYLIGHTS Press Pic - credit Barnaby Fairley

“Enemies” has been tearing up across social media and for good fucking reason too, it sounds absolutely massive, like it took a 40 foot truck to transport equipment to a studio to make the sound kind of massive.  It’s like some early Simple Minds mixed with some classically influenced indie rock n’ roll, it’s U2 with a parka and it’s without doubt their best to date and yet more proof that Skylights have even more in their locker.

Rob Scarisbrick (vocals),  Turnbull Smith (guitar), Jonny Scarisbrick (bass) and Myles Soley (drums) have been playing music together for years and every moment of “Enemies” is testament to that.  It’s a track that gives a big fuck you to “the man” , it’s the soundtrack to a better you and if it doesn’t immediately feel great then ……. I dunno …… maybe you just need the middle finger in your life.

We all know the vast majority of 2020 is a write off for gigs but the music keeps coming, the great music keeps coming, guitar based music is alive and kicking, indie rock n’ roll is rumbling once again, Alan McGee called it at the back end of 2018.  Is it any coincidence that all this great music being released during lockdown is by bands and bedroom artists that don’t need 2 months of overdubs and mixing to make it sound like halfway decent pop and the overwhelming feeling that indie rock n’ roll is about to take over again (and rightly so) …… something to ponder as we give the middle finger to the gigs of 2020 and forcefully tell 2021 that it better be ready for an absolute fucking assault of bands such as Skylights smashing down a party like no year has ever seen.

The CD of “Enemies” is available now at 42’s records featuring three extra tracks and also some sick merch too : 42’s Records


Peace & Love as per x







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