Daydream Runaways – Gravity


“Gravity” from Daydream Runaways is a perfect piece of indie rock with soaring guitars and a vocal performance that would make Roget Daltrey smile. The South-West rockers are making waves between South Wales and Swindon including a shout out from BBC Introducing.

Ben Heathcote (vocals), Cam Bianchi (guitars), Nath Heathcote (Bass) and Brad Kinsey (Drums) already sound like they have been playing arenas together for years and “Gravity” showcases this production in all it’s disgustingly good splendor, this shouldn’t be a track so early in the arsenal of a new band.


It’s a track that could span audiences and would sound just as at home on Radio X than it would on Kerrang! One thing is for sure, it has to be played louder than any song you have played all day.  I can’t stress how accomplished this band sound, it’s a sound that brings great rock from days gone by and brings it full fucking volume into our present lives, it’s an absolute trip and worthy of any official debut.

The future is bright with Daydream Runaways so turn it up and get on this:


Peace & Love as per x

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