Spooky Goose – Whelking Accident EP

Oh Kent, you beautiful, horrible bastard. My beautiful, horrible bastard. You spawned me, gave me the best, gave me the worst but I’m still here, as a Man Of Kent, not a Kentish Man, for there is a difference and it’s an important one where the river separates us.  Upon my side of the river in another cathedral town where sleepily lay a few Men Of Kent in the shadows of a most famous monument, soon to be awoken with new tunes to be heard.

Spooky Goose and their latest EP “Whelking Accident” has just hit digital platforms and it’s actually made me proud to be a Man Of Kent again.  For years I wished I was born in musical city with an exotic accent instead of being the dregs of South East London and an accent that was either cockney barrow-boy or Essex boy to anyone north of the Watford Gap.

Joe Perry, Will Beech and Cam Sheppard make up the Spooky Goose trio and they are smashing through these weird and historic times with “Whelking Accident”. They are an indie/britpop inspired band who cite Oasis and Weezer as influences, the latter can certainly be heard on “Sally Suffocate”, a track that may have it’s ties in indie America but it’s produced in the most English of ways.

The EP kicks off with a banger that’s steeped in the 90’s, fans of The Bluetones will dig it for sure. “Constantine Bimvoglio” has everything you want from from a guitar based tune including that sing to shout chorus that we are all going to love when we get to see this in the flesh again.

Stripped back track “Lonely For The Night” lays bare the lyrics that deserve the limelight: “On the way to the bar, I saw a shooting star and I put it in my drink, sail me away and bring me back someday so I can tell you what I think about the time we lost our mind”

Final track “London” is the piano’d spoken word in it’s own Kent accent that seems a hundred years away from mine but making me no less proud. As the poetry is spoken, it makes me think of all the literary greats that have been born, lived through and died in this historic place for hundreds of years .

I’ve spoken a lot about Kent but you have to understand that all we have is history so it’s so fucking fresh to hear a band from our beautiful, horrible bastard that have potential to make a lot of people very happy, maybe escape the history books and even start a new one. Over to you boys!

Peace & Love as per x

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