Joell Jordi – Joell Jordi (EP)

There’s just something about Manchester ain’t there?! Consistently churning out music royalty and an underbelly of new bands and artists that continue to seemingly make the city grow even bigger, a city that produces musical talent (and Mick Hucknall) like it’s going out of fashion .

26 year old singer-songwriter Joell Jordi hails from this great city and his new EP is steeped in influences from his hometown and the britpopping indie era.  Joell says “I wrote the songs on the EP with a thought in mind of achieving more. Whatever demons or hardships you face, you can always overcome and be a stronger person from it. I wanted to pay homage to the indie rock heritage of the city I grew up in with a groovy lick and easily identifiable songs”.

Recorded at Hoppole Studios, mixed and produced by owner Adam Steel, the EP definitely has a familiarity about it and you can hear the influences and the homage that needs to be paid.  Joell is a singer–songwriter clearly intend on making an immediate impression as can be heard from the vocal on opening track “Living For Tonight”, a track that does exactly what it says on the tin, live for the now and fuck tomorrow!

Those without hair enough to remember will know of Glasgow indie clan The Supernaturals and there is certainly a resemblance here on stand out track “Shining Stars Tonight” with the flow of the opening verse in it’s chilled Britpop vibe to the warbling chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head.  TUNE!


Check out the full EP:

Peace & love as per x

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