White Novels – On The Bottle

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Jack Bestow’s alter-ego White Novels has just dropped his debut track “On The Bottle” across major streaming platforms.

On the surface “On The Bottle” seems pure shoegaze but lyrically it is  very personal account of everyday struggles behind closed doors: “On and on I can’t trace back why I’m so down and what’s going on”.

It’s a beautifully constructed piece of dream-pop that deals with the thoughts and struggles that many of us and our brothers and sisters struggle through, tackling the darker side of beautiful music.

Sleepless nights, problems in life and love, some of which will seem trivial to us or what we think others will think, overthinking, always overthinking. There may have been overthinking during the writing process for White Novels but he’s manged to create a stunning debut, a debut that many accomplished artists would be proud of.  It’s not easy to create an eclectic unity between deep, dark, personal writing and beautiful music to get lost to.

It hurts to hear someone going through tough times but writing is cathartic, whether it’s bullet points on your notes, writing down with the pen in your mind or talking through your thoughts, they are all exercises in helping through. White Novels has released a masterful piece of dark-pop as his help and it is simply stunning, one of the tracks of the year so far.

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On The Bottle Artwork

Peace & Love as per x

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