LONGY – Don’t Get Me Started / Lady, You Shot Me

Somewhere hidden among the amusement arcades, tourists flocking for weekend fish and chips and candy floss on the longest leisure pier in the world, sticks of rock, postcards and crab buckets with the distant memory of mods in a south-eastern coastal town after retail took over, sits a sleeping giant, a hard working sleeping giant that the world should have embraced and awoken long before now, spouting his own, beautifully created genre of gospel trash …… He is LONGY and his band.

With two fresh tracks out now, reverend LONGY has shown exactly what he is about, managing to record two tracks evidently different in their sound that showcase a far more astute songwriting ability than artists that have been stealing a living for years.

“Don’t Get Me Started” is a high energy sermon for the apostles of  loves lost and loved, with it’s memorable licks that will get everyone bouncing and clinking our single use plastic glasses together when the shit hits the fan and the party starts rocking again, when it’s time to line up and shout loud for the new communion and new community, standing tall together for the love of music.

With his uniquely rasping vocal, LONGY is every bit the storyteller, never showcased more in the heartbreaking tale of the b-side (kids – flip the record and turn the tape), “Lady, You Shot Me” which connects with your heart and soul from the moment the tinkled piano keys enter your ears and the unmistakable vocal kicks in.  Not often can a track with just a vocal and a piano can grab your attention and keep you there from the first listen but “Lady, You Shot Me” does just that for three minutes and forty-six seconds of pure bliss.  In the days when our lives are filled with the busyness of everyday life, be it work, family, friends, fake friends and fake news across our fingertips embedding their propaganda into our digital possessions, then this track is the perfect track for us.  Like the song itself, it’s stripped back to a vulnerable you, so just embrace it and get lost in the words of this new world poet for this is the gospel trash according to LONGY.

It’s only a matter of time before gospel trash is a religion for the masses, songwriting talent with a voice to match doesn’t come around very often, so we owe it to ourselves to spread the word as we all jump onboard for the journey.

Check out the gospel truth for yourself:


Peace & Love as per  x

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