Barbe Rousse – Factory Settings EP

The last time I heard something this enigmatic, I fell in love.  I’m not talking enigmatic in the obscure like recording a collection of songs using only kitchen utensils and washing machine sounds, more an unexpected explosion, a mashup up for the senses, a collection of tunes that just when you think you have a grasp of it, you are tripped up, well just tripped, spiked into another headspace.

The aforementioned enigmatic record that I fell in love with was the brilliant Vangelis and Costas Ferris with Aphrodite’s Child and the psychedelic “666” album. Now I’m not saying there is a direct musical comparison to this EP from Edinburgh based multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer Alastair Kelly under the guise Barbe Rousse, but there is an emotive memory that took me back to the moment I heard “666” and I was just taken on a musical journey into another world that I didn’t want to come back from, something that Tame Impala have become experts in producing.

“Factory Settings” is a trip in itself, not a conventional progressive psych trip (if there is such a thing). There’s psychedelic soul, there’s acid jazz, there’s sixties chorus’s, gospel, indie rock and shitloads more hidden in there and on first listen you don’t have a fucking clue where it’s going to come from, it’s a beautiful surprise.

Rather than the standard spoiler alerts, just get your dancing wheels on, turn on, tune in and drop the funk out to this:

Peace & Love as per x

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