Frank Fogden – I Went Looking For The Sun

Following on from the brilliant “I’m Going On My Way”, Frank Fogden continues on his promise to release a new track every two weeks, something that seems a bit special in our digital majority age. Harking back to my time as a kid, with the anticipation of a new single or album coming out, knowing that I was going to buy it anyway because I was a fan, the excited prospect that i would shortly be dropping the needle or maybe pressing play on something that I had never heard, yet knowing it was going to be my groove.

So as I have sat, stood, walked or driven over the last two weeks, playing the Velvet Underground inspired “I’m Going On My Way” at every opportunity, Frank Fogden’s new track “I Went Looking For The Sun” kinda crept up on me. It takes a much more educated person than me to even know what day it is at the moment, although that’s the majority of people in the world so I guess I could be forgiven.

Whether the days and weeks had gone quickly or not, it was time for new Frank Fogden material and it was well worth the wait that I hadn’t waited. “I Went Looking For The Sun” is another great piece of inspired nostalgia, with Fogden’s voice this time closer to Dylan than Reed , sounding absolutely boss against the echoing guitars and Beatles-esque “Fixing A Hole” harps and taking on an almost Doors-y vibe akin to “Love Street”

What Frank Fogden brilliantly does is seemingly play every instrument known to our being, take the influences from his favourite artists and stir it up into a melting pot of supergroups, cool and serve into his own music with a vibe all of his own.  There is something very cool, unique and mastering-ly clever about the whole process and I for one can’t wait to here what’s next (which was probably yesterday … Is it Easter yet?)

“I’m looking for a good time, nothing more to say”

Peace & Love as per x

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