Reclaim Vienna – Modern Times

I was always going to be a fan of Reclaim Vienna, before I’d even heard a note. After all they are part of the Manchester’s 42’s Records family, the hottest label around right now, they are a band that look effortlessly cool and are clearly a fan of their clobber plus the piece de resistance, songwriter/guitarist Danny and twin brother drummer Ryan are massive Evertonians, so much so that Everton somewhat inspired the band name, which is too long a story to go into but “If ya know, your history”, you’ll get it! So for me, they could have put out the musical equivalent of The Exorcist II and I’d probably give it some kudos, but luckily for the non Everton fans and redshites (sorry reds, couldn’t resist :-)), Reclaim Vienna’s new track “Modern Times” is more than worth a listen.

The track is a result of lockdown, a track that was put together via various lockdown sessions, coming together quickly to the surprise of everyone involved so simply it just had to be released, and thank god it was! An unscheduled, unexpected, spontaneous piece of indie-pop with a clear message to those in more fortunate positions – “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones ……. I made my way through modern times”

Reclaim Vienna Press Shot 1

“Modern Times” is typical of Reclaim Vienna with it’s nightclub vibe that just makes you wanna dance around as Johnathan Steen makes his eloquent way through the vocals and Harry Woodrows drums keep us in the 80’s inspired night as the disco sound of Chic-esque guitars glide through.

Lyricist Danny Smith says “Modern Times” was written in frustration and anger at certain elements in the world currently, particularly in England. It’s about people having opinions based on no evidence, and worse, having social media to hare them on. You can say something now and it doesn’t even have to be true, you have the right to your opinion, but you don’t have the right to your own facts. They should remain the same.” I knew I like these lads!


Big love to the band Johnathan Steen (vocals), Danny Smith (guitar), Ryan Harlow (guitar), Ryan Smith (drums), Harry Woodrow (keys/electrics), Paul Hill (bass) and a special shout out to guest backing vocalist on “Modern Times”, Sarah Hardisty.  And, the reason the track was pulled together so quickly in it’s final form, producer Ben Brooker and of course, 42’s records.

Check out some sick merch from 42’s Records including some cool Reclaim Vienna previous:

Peace & Love as per x

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