Deco – Real Life EP

There’s nothing like a bit of fresh synth-pop in the sunshine to make everyone feel good, and that is exactly what London duo Deco have achieved with their new EP, “Real Life”.

Currently zipping up the iTunes chart just days after release, the EP is very much the evolution of the synth-pop revolution. Steeped with 80’s inspired tracks with the precision of a blossoming Friendly Fires, “Real Life” is destined to be part of your post-apocalyptic party soundtrack.

Lead singer Max Kendall says: “It kind of feels like everything we have been working on, on stage and in the studio, has led us to this moment. Our music is all about making people happy, so we decided to bring this release forward to give our fans, and hopefully some new listeners, some joy in their lives.

Title track “Real Life” is a great track, if you took everything away and just left the vocal you could be forgiven thinking this was a demo for an old 80’s track form Go West but add in the drum loops, floating synths and Chic style guitar and you have yourself a winner of a track.  Max says: “Real Life is a refreshing realisation of how, despite our dependence of modern technology, experiencing something in real life really cannot be recreated or competed with.  In this case the song speaks about how the simplicity of meeting someone in real life comes without all the complications and games of so-called “modern love” on dating apps, and captures the feeling of hope that humans can still function in a natural way, without the digital aids we have become so reliant upon.”

For me, the stand out track is “I Don’t Wanna Go Out”, the song immediately brings sunshine to you heart from the opening drums and with Max’s vocal absolutely on point, it’s an outright summer banger. Despite the solo sentiments of wanting to be alone and not deal with all the fake shit in the world, “I Don’t Wanna Go Out” is the ray of light to shine up your season.

Each tune on the four strong EP showcases the diversity of Deco from the summery solace of “I Don’t Wanna Go Out” to the stripped back “Beaches”, the slightly more haunting side of the band with a George Michael-esque vocal.  The whole EP just feels like a full summer’s day from dawn til dusk and it’s a classy bit of recording from the new synth-pop masters Max Kendall and John Dell.

Being the legends that they are, Deco have also decided that if the EP is purchased through iTunes, all profits will be going to UK homeless charity “Homeless Link” who work hard to make services better and campaign for policy change that will help end homelessness.

Check out the EP here –

Real Life Cover Art

Peace & Love as per x

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