Shader – The Time Is Right / Be My Saviour

Manchester’s 42’s Records can seem to do no wrong at present and latest stable edition, Shader are no exception. The North-West indie rock n’ rollers have just released the physical double A side “Time is Right” and “Be My Saviour” on limited edition CD via 42’s.

Brand new track “Time Is Right” is a stunningly uplifting piece of indie rock n’ roll with a familiar sound, it’s the sound of all the indie bands you love rolled into one. Based on this alone, you can see why supports slots for Shaun Ryder and Kyle Falconer have been easy to come by.  With it’s catchy anthem of a chorus that makes you feel like the world is a better place right now, it’s just the tonic we all need as the sun continues to shine.  “Time Is Right” is pure indie with a Britpop influence for a jilted generation.

Singer and lyricist Stu says “Time is Right is about rising up from self-destruction” or out of isolation, it’s dedicated to the underdog in society. It’s about the point where a someone decides to pull themselves together and fight against the thoughts in their mind”

Sharing the Shader A side stage with “Time is Right” is “Be My Saviour”, another dose of anthemic boss-ness that’s bound to have you bouncing up and down with cleverly curated allies sometime soon. “Be My Saviour” has to be one of the first names on the daily playlist team sheet.

Stu says “It’s a modern day prayer inspired by social media “Looking for some soul falling on my feet. Like a shopping trolley on a pebble beach” reflects on how people like to paint a perfect picture of their lives online, very different to reality”.

Looking every bit the indie kids we all are (maybe some of us with a few more lines on their face than others), featuring frolics on parklife trolleys and supermarket roofs, deserted streets, lockdown solos, indie kicks and summer days …… Boys and girls, them and yours – normal service shall be resumed:



Stu (vocals & guitar), Mike (lead guitar), Daz (bass) and Tom (drums) are Shader and hopefully this has wet your whistle enough to head over to the new messiah’s that are 42’s Records to pick up your limited edition CD single which includes the two tracks PLUS a couple of cheeky extras with a demo of brand new track “Lately” and a live version of “Rise”, and maybe pick up some new Shader merch too:

And if that STILL isn’t enough for you, check out the awesome isolation cover of Simple Minds “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”:

And if that STILL isn’t enough then, I’m sorry,  we can’t be friends 😉

Peace & Love as per x

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