Envy Waits – Snake Eyes

Ben, Sam, Rob & Louis formed last year and go by the collective name of Envy Waits, and they are absolutely smashing it with new single “Snake Eyes”.

Music aficionados looking for their fix of some hard hitting filthy rock along the staves of Kadavar and Royal Blood should search no more because you’ve just stumbled on your new favourite band.

The mind–corruption sound of “Snake Eyes” will sound epic anywhere, but the toilets, subterranean hangouts and underground venues that we love to see our bands in should probably beware as this has the potential to absolutely blow the fucking roof off. As we know so many of our favourite venues are in danger right now and nobody wants to see a closure but if there was a helluva way to go, you could do a lot worse than Envy Waits absolutely blasting the top off to the musical heavens.  With it’s deep and dirty rock bass a la Royal Blood, proper unmuffled rock n’ drums and some sharp vocals, “Snake eyes” sounds massive, like it could have been recorded live in the studio in one take, not mixed in the challenging isolation environment that the band found themselves in, testament to the recording and mixing from Ben.

For a band formed just a year ago, they have released a track that is mega, sounding like musicians who have been touring world stages for years, yes, they are really that good! Keep a close eye on these guys because this shit is about to go OFF!

Check out the track and then socials here:

Envy Waits (Photography by Will Bremridge)1

Peace and love as per x

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