The Heavy Heavy – You Talk Too Much

The Heavy Heavy are London based Georgie & Will, formed in 2019 and leading the charge with their retro vibed new tune “You Talk Too Much”, steeped in influences of everything good from 60’s folk rock America with the sound of Crosby, Still & Nash and Bob Dylan.   You can hear the respect of early Stones in there too with distinguished harmonies, slide guitars and acoustic ditties that will transport you back immediately to a time we all wish we could have been a part of.  There is definitely a hippy intonation that makes me wish I was in a county fairground in Monterey, enjoying the sunshine with fellow revelers not giving  shit about reality, even if just for three minutes of this perfect piece of pop nostalgia.

Fans can expect the EP out later this year so expect some more perfectly-executed vintage-influenced tracks from the 21st century sound that is The Heavy Heavy.

Those of you who can, unwash your lockdown hair, put on a baggy shirt and get on this:

You Talk Too Much Artwork


Peace & Love as per x


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