Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison – Sign Of The Times

Huw Stephens’ One to Watch 2020, supporting The Hunna and Sam Fender, stages ticked off include Secret Garden Party, Tramlines, Bestival, Camden Rocks and Isle Of Wight festival among others, plus praise from John Kennedy which resulted in a live Maida Vale session for BBC introducing and countless high fives from the industry know-alls.  If my CV looked like this after just three years, I’m sure I’d by well on my way to some sort of global  domination of the senses by now.

Unfortunately (for me) this is actually the CV of Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison and if the aforementioned paragraph is not enough for you to start googling a name that you should know already then thank you for the continued read and putting that thought on hold for a few minutes.

Your continued contact will allow me to preach to the converted and virgins about the explosive new EP.  The Cambridge mob have released “Sign Of The Times” which is already blowing up across the airwaves on digital platforms across the globe and for damn good reason too.

Opening track “Shrink” has been around for a wee while with a cracking accompanying video.  The track grabs you by the throat from the moment you delve in and it shows no signs of letting you go, and in all honesty, you don’t want to be let go. It’s high energy, in your face rock n’ roll and maybe just a little bit punk.

“Shrink” sets the tone perfectly for the E.P,  like the rest of the tracks with lyrics that focus on relationships and very aptly this week, mental health.

“New York Paranoia” continues the tone as Tom sings about being fucked over – “It’s not the devil in my head, it’s just the things you did”. Deep lyrics put forward in a way that only a rock n’ roll record can, a track that is guaranteed to get future sell out crowds bouncing around to the chorus and singing solo with a crowd of people about the person you thought you loved.

“Casual” is the next track up and is maybe a bit of a nod to Royal Blood before “Let Go” takes the foot off the gas just a touch, at least at the start of the track. “Let Go” is probably the most ballad-y tune on the E.P but I’m not talking some shitty 80’s rock type ballad that is the sole reason I cannot listen to music with my brother. It’s more a pumped up London Grammar with Tom’s stunning vocal and a crescendo finish leaving the EP a perfect end to go with the perfect start.

From a musical point of view, it’s an absolute triumph from Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison, lyrically it couldn’t be more poignant right now as said perfectly by the band here: “Each song on the EP centres around mental health issues that many of us face on a day to day basis. By writing and releasing this body of work, we hope to strengthen the ideology in people’s minds that it’s okay to talk about what they’re going through.  Social media can put copious amounts of pressure on people, as we chase an impossible ideal of someone else’s highlight reel.  The breakdown of relationships that come from us spending too much time glued to our phones and not enough time connecting on a human, personal level are regrettably the sign of our times”

Note to reader – TURN UP LOUD!

As we are in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, check out the Mental Health Foundation Website for a huge amount of resources to help yourself and others.  Remember it’s okay to not be okay.

Peace & Love as per x

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