Some Sprouts – At Full Capacity

Anyone who has visited parts of Bavaria will know of it’s beauty, it’s heritage, it’s age old and modern day culture. I’ve been lucky enough to drift through the old town streets of Nuremberg, sampling local restaurants, bars and record shops, I’ve been treated to an experience like no other at the 3000 capacity brewery at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich complete with Oompah bands, pretzels, lederhosen and trying to drink beers that I can barely hold in one hand, all of which that until this point I believed to be just another stereotype. The state of Bavaria however holds much more than the experiences lowly old me has indulged in.  Hidden somewhere between Munich and Nuremberg are a five piece band you should now, they are Some Sprouts and they have just released their latest contribution to their growing catalogue of indie pop “At Full Capacity”.

Some Sprouts music is as far a cry from the historical buildings, cobbled streets and stein drinking patrons of Bavaria, in fact it’s more akin to the sunny beaches of some surfed up coastline of the US or Australia.  There is one thing that they do have in common with Bavaria though ……. beauty, and “At Full Capacity” is no exception.  The track is is so feelgood that it immediately puts you in a better place, even if you are feeling on top of the world, it will make you smile, you’ll want to dance and you’ll have the chorus swirling around in your mind for days. So close your eyes and take a trip to the beach of your choice:

With some rescheduled dates, you can catch Some Sprouts in the UK in 2021 at some cracking venues including The Fiddler in London, The Castle in Mnachester, Bobike in Newcastle, The Salty Dog in Northwich, The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham and The Lanes in Bristol.   Full tour details available here:


Peace & Love as per x

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