Peter Bibby’s Dog Act – Oceans

There is only one thing that will make your listening experience to "Oceans" better and that is a room for one and a bottle of sea rum.

Peter Bibby’s past musical forays have been anything from poetry on a farmyard with a funky feel that can go from country-folk to psych-rock in two minutes and back again (see “Pissbird Firetruck” from 2018’s Grand Champion record) to bluegrass rock n’ roll and Kurt Vile-esque dittys. The unmistakable tones of the guy from Perth, Australia with his modern day poetry, eloquently smashing through genres to create the “Peter Bibby” sound ….. that is ……until now!

The new release, “Oceans” sees Peter teaming up with bassist “Strawberry Pete” Gower and drummer “Dirty Dave” Taylor aka, The Dog Act.

For “Oceans”, Peter Bibby’s Dog Act have gone full on Garage-psych with the essence of the great grunge from the early 90’s. It’s a wild, grab you by the short and curlies, fuck with your head kinda tune that messes with you in a way that makes you yearn for more.  The “Rumbullious” rebellious start to the track, the screeched poetic lyrics, waves of the bass and drums from the Dog Act and lovingly tempered background guitar solos that perfectly accompany the chorus and a pissed up pirate-choir ending.  There is only one thing that will make your listening experience to “Oceans” better and that is a room for one and a bottle of sea rum.

Peter Bibby says of the track: “Oceans started out as a little sea-shanty esque poem scrawled on a piece of paper about going mad in the middle of the ocean, with the help of the Dog Act, it morphed into a fairly raucous tune.  I used vibrato on the guitars to give it a wobbly seasick kind of sound, and we had some mates join us in the studio to sing along and clink beers together in the final chorus to give it a vibe of a pack of people getting drunk on a boat.  As far as I can recall, it’s the only song I have written about losing one’s mind out at sea”

So if you think all of this sounds a bit mental, then hopefully, like me, it’s right up your street but before you go ahead and download the track or buy the vinyl, cast your line out and catch the video to which Peter confesses “I got to pretend I was a poorly dressed mermaid, a fisherman and a drowning guy as well as having a pretty damn good time doing it.  I got a lot of sea water in my mouth for this video, but as we say in the game you have to suffer for the art”

Peace & Love as per x

photo credit: Annie Harvey

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