No Vacancies – No Name

Two lads from Birmingham, move to Manchester, meet two other lads, great music ensues – That’s the short version. When tracks speak for themselves, few words are often needed but then that would make for a shit new music website wouldn’t it!  So……

2019 saw No Vacancies release debut singles, a cracking EP and put on some great gigs including a sell out, half a band homecoming at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham for singer/guitarist Will and drummer George plus thrashing around at esteemed venues such as Manchester Academy 3 that saw the start of another cult following for a Manchester based band.  For now the 2020 gigs are on hold but we are going to be hearing a lot more of these lads.

The tracks are filled with strong vocals with the musical analogy of anything from The Pixies (listen to “Bad Habits”) through to Red Hot Chilli Peppers (listen to “Molly”).  Fans of Stoke rock n’ rollers All The Young will dig these lads for sure.

The legendary Abbey Road Studios. A place that holds dear to my heart, a place from which I still have a rejection letter on headed paper which was kindly sent to me after requesting an unpaid job as a cleaner, tea boy and general dogsbody as a fifteen year old and is still one of my most prized possessions.  The now Manchester based No Vacancies, consisting of Will, George, lead guitarist Lewis and bassist Ben did slightly better than me when, last year they managed to get inside the hallowed bricks and mortar of Abbey Road studios and record their latest single “No Name”

“No Name” is going to make you long for the gigs to return back into lives, it’s a great fucking track, I mean who doesn’t love a tune that starts off with solo drums and then kicks further into gear with a Peter Hook-esque bass teaming with quality against the solo guitar riffs before the vocals orchestrate the gig goers in your head into submission. It’s an absolute triumph from No Vacancies and further proof they’ll be selling out venues again in no time.

Roll on dancing with strangers in beer soaked Adidas. Nice one lads!

Peace & Love as per x

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