Palma Louca – Black Snow

From Middlesbrough to Morpeth and many places in between.

Deep rooted in the North East are a band you need to know about, the band are Palma Louca and they comprise of brothers Joe & Richard Norton, Andrew Thompson, Cameron Snow and Daniel Bailey.  Why do you need to know about them? Well, the answer is simple really …… They produce hauntingly beautiful music that would be worse than you putting the milk into a cup of tea whilst the tea bag is still in the cup , ie. criminal if you didn’t get your lug holes around it immediately.


If you want to put a label on it, Palma Louca are somewhere around ambient alt-rock but I’m not convinced the genre really does them justice and their new track “Black Snow” could just be the best yet.

The moment I heard “Black Snow”, I was blown away, in fact, not just blown away, I was conveyed away, like some exotic life form had lifted up my spirit and shifted me into another space ready to do experiments, but instead the experiments never came, instead I was softly let go into a non-gravitational world of pitch black skies and shining stars.  “Black Snow” makes me feel like i’m meditating yet still conscious of the haunting vocal and sweeping drums that make “Black Snow” everything that it is.  The track is a dream that has been perfectly produced, not in the slightest overproduced.  To say you could get get lost in “Black Snow” is probably the understatement of the fucking year, in a year that feels like life is a huge understatement right now.

Everything in that last paragraph is exactly why you need to listen to Palma Louca.  I mean, just imagine, humour me for a moment if you must, but play “Black Snow” as loud as your speakers will let you, maybe push it a bit more than usual, close your eyes and depict that sunset moment in your head standing in a field with one to twenty thousand of your favourite friends, drink of choice in your hands …….. unity in complete conscious unconsciousness, just imagine the scenes.

I’ll leave this right here:


Peace & Love as per x

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