Bedtime Khal – Black Tears

Michigan Based artist Khal Malik, aka Bedtime Khal is due to release his EP “Fog” on 15th May and has released the lead single from the EP, “Black Tears”.

“Black Tears” is one of those magical moments where musically it takes you on a summery journey along a beach, lifts you up and floats you into the clouds as the bass props you up and down so you get just close enough to the sun to enjoy but not enough to get burned, whilst the lyrics are deep and cut a much more sinister cloth. Khal uses “Black Tears” to meditate on life as a black and brown individual, channeling his feelings of anxiety and frustration into this whimsical track.

Thank god we don’t have to wait too long for the EP!  Devil Town Tapes are releasing the “Fog” on Hand-numbered limited edition silver glitter cassette tape with double sided J-card and on-shell print which includes the cassette tape only bonus track “Lost (Demo)”

The EP promises love, isolation and the feeling of nostalgia …. Let’s do it! Pre-Order your copy here:


Peace & Love as per x



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