Ramble On Introducing – Cellos

During these strange, restrictive times, there is one thing, for me, that’s shining through the dark clouds of people’s daily struggles, we are all missing friends, family, going to the pub, dancing at gigs and smoking cigs, but it’s clear that most of us have a little bit more time on our hands with something to do.  The general feeling is that more music is being listened to, whatever your genre of choice, whether its the classical tones of an Austrian composer, death metal, k-pop, whatever floats your sailboat.

Virtual pub crawls, Twitter listening parties (thank you Mr Burgess) and conversion with artists has played a huge part in this. Being a teenager of the 90’s it’s been great to listen again to the records and songs that meant so much to me and also discover a younger generation that dig it just as much.  It’s beautiful to reminisce and it got my brain thinking as to why, why do these records mean so much?  Well for one the “britpop” years (as much as I fucking hate that term) is a period of music that I love, resonating with the rebellious young me, albums that meant the world, lyrics to hang off every word, the clothes and of course, the sound…… just everything.

I came to the conclusion that I just miss it.  Don’t get me wrong, since then there has been some stand out artists that have hit the spot in that heart of mine from all types of music scenes that are now forever ingrained in my hippocampus, but precious few have given me that happy feeling of the 90’s.  That is of course, until now!

It seems only fair that I share with those of you not already in the know and introduce the Indie -Rock four-piece hailing from County Durham …. Cellos.  Founding members and friends, Niall Fenwick and Joe Teasdale have been performing in bands from a young age and now they feel they should be heard and too right, they fucking should be.! Bringing their 90’s and 00’s British band influence to the masses is clearly now on the agenda.  Attention grabbing guitar anthems that make you feel great is what its all about. Far from being one-dimensional, each track released thus far has something different to offer whilst still maintaining the influences.  Their debut EP “Sea or Sky” was released at the back end of what now seems a rosey 2019 picking up a bridge of fans at live shows on route. You can check out this unbelievable EP here:

Taken from the EP, you can also check out a cracking video for another nod to the past that is “Wanderlust” :

Keep a close eye on these guys!

Peace & Love as per x

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