Curated by Ben Guy from narcissus and released via Manchester’s own 42’s Records, MANCMADE /// ACTS OF HOPE is a new 18 track album featuring some of the biggest names in Manchester pop royalty including Peter Hook (MANRAy), Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake, Gaz Whelan & Rowetta, Brix Smith and a whole host of Manchester artists that need to be heard such as Argh Kid, IST IST, Narrow Margin, Deja Vega plus a track from Mark Radcliffe’s alter-ego, Paul Langley-UNE.

As if the dream festival-type line up wasn’t enough, 100% of the proceeds from sales are going to the Greater Manchester Mental Wellbeing charity MancSpirit : http://mancspirit.com/

Now this isn’t just an album that has been created with legends and up and comers of the industry and average tunes, this album is special, not only does it feature just a snippet of the music of the great city of Manchester, the tracks are ridiculously,  effortlessly cool and worthy of any music collection.  The love will be felt, the togetherness will be heard and you get to be part of something that just doesn’t happen too many clicks in a lifetime – You get to own your own little piece of Manc history and you get to help an AMAZING cause at the same time.

If you do at least one thing today for the good of yourself AND the good of others, buy this album, buy a t-shirt, buy a poster, buy a hoody, and embrace your mental wellbeing, as you make a huge difference to others.

The full track-listing and purchase details can be found on the 42’s records site with digital downloads, CD’s, posters, t-shirts and hoodys all available : https://42srecords.tmstor.es/

To accompany the release, theme tune for the album “OUR CITY” featuring Maxine Peake is now available. “OUR CITY” is a collaboration between Dave Viney and the band narcissus.  The initial idea for the video was to feature Maxine Peake until the current social measures meant this wasn’t going to be possible, however Maxine sorted some amazing artwork to ensure this still happened!  Check it out in full splendor:


Peace & Love as per x

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