Review – The New America: Papillon

Scuzz, Fuzz and full of The New America! The post-punk Bristolians have released the heart-felt, lyrically-minded, noise rocked new track, “Papillon”

Lead singer Cam says “Papillon is about my struggle to support friends who are having a hard time with mental their mental health”.  The lyrics are deep, as you would expect and musically it’s a masterpiece, seldom do the two go together, especially from a noise-rock/post-punk band but The New America have absolutely fucking nailed it, reminding me of early Glasvegas ref “Geraldine”, just one of those tracks that makes you stand up and think fuck me, this is different, is it the sound I like, is it the voice, the lyrics or the fact that it’s just different, then you listen again and, well ……. it’s all of it!  So you listen again, and again and again and again ……. continued.

New America 2-min
Left – right: Cam (vocals & rhythm guitar), Tom (Bass), Zac (Guitar & Backing vocals), Ali (Drums)

It takes guts to write about personal thoughts and experiences but, it helps, it’s cathartic in a difficult way but to then put it out there for all to say take a big set of kahooners.  The the struggle comes to turn those words into a track that warrants these scribbled thoughts.  What The New America have achieved with Papillon is the perfect match, like your perfect match, which could be you and your boyfriend, you and you girlfriend, you and your dog, your cat, chips and gravy, marmite on toast, whatever your ideal duet is, The New America and “Papillon” is every bit of that …. and more.

Check out the Papillon here:

Peace & Love as per x

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