Review – Death Cult Electric: Deleter

I am now becoming increasingly aware as to why the second bridge over the River Severn was built.  It wasn’t to save 10 minutes on a journey.  It’s simply because the Welsh are producing an obscene amount of musical talent and the second bridge is in place to ensure the the rest of our Great Britain get to share in what is quickly becoming a phenomenon, one bridge just couldn’t cope.

Flying the dragon is a phenomena …… a phenomenon within a phenomenon if you will.  A band with a genre all of their own, a quartet that has been branded  “alternative noise” led by ex – Estrons man, Steffan Pringle.  It’s different and it’s noisy so they fit the bill and they have just released their latest track “Deleter” with an incredible self-made post-apocalyptic video which is that good they may be getting moonlighting offers! Pringle says of the video ““We wanted it all to look like it was filmed and presented like zealot fanatic’s cable tv show,” adding, “ We wanted to create a whole world, our own universe and populate it with these crazy figures from our imagination, not just four guys in a garage” – Check it out in all it’s glory:


Fuzzy guitars/synths/drums and an eclectic frontman in the mold of the late, great Mark E.Smith, “Deleter” is the alternative noise that needs to be heard, it’s unique and the only way to listen to it is by cranking up the volume until your speakers feel they are going blow at any second, although that may not be loud enough so give it one more for good measure until the day this all blows over any our ears can bleed in unison as we all jump around together again at our sweaty venue choice.

You can here “Deleter” here:

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Peace & Love as per x



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