Review – The Rotanas: Scores On The Doors

Cardiff formed four-piece, The Rotanas are art over the ever-growing class oozing out of the Welsh music scene right now, bringing their Britpop influence into something elevated to a new sound, a sound lovingly entitles Gritpop!

“Scores On The Doors” is about something all of us have no doubt been guilty of in the past apart from the serial FOMO’S out there.  Songwriter James Wilson says “the song’s about people who go home too early on a night out instead of staying out with their friends and seeing where the night may go.  Too many times I’ve witnessed people leave early before the night has properly started , and they’ve missed out on some of the best nights I’ve ever experienced”.

Never a truer word said, James. You have to feel for the folk that do this on a regular occasion, I mean, sure the next morning/afternoon/evening you may be feeling rosier than thou but what of all the new group chat, the private jokes that now leave you on the periphery, those “you had to be there” moments that the select few with never share.  Was it really worth going home to stroke the cats and watch that boxset?

Truth is you’ll never know.

What you will know is “Scores On The Doors” is the soundtrack to your night out, the perfect track to discover time with your mates and see what happens.  It’s a great track and has everything your Britop soul wants with riffs, building drums, a hooky chorus and a guitar solo that would keep John Squire happy which is no easy feat.

Get On This ……

Peace & Love as per x

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