Review – Birdman Cult: Janet

Isla de Pascua has a native myth, the Pascuense myth which includes a chief god by the name of Make-Make, creator of humanity, God of fertility and most importantly chief God of the “Tangata Manu” – The Birdman Cult of Isla de Pascua, the Chilean Island best known as Easter Island.

Representatives of native clans would select a prospective champion to retrieve a seasonal egg from the island of Motu Nui and swim back to Rapa Nui (Easter Island and climb the sea cliff of Rano Kau to the cliff top village of Orongo where the winner would be lavished with the seasonal harvest and live like a King until the next was victorious.

Such mythical legends seem a far cry from the world of crying back-storied reality tv where the thin box in the front room is made for children BUT praise be the musical not-so-mythical modern day Make-Make himself, South Shields rooted frontman Joe Eden and the rest of the Birdman Cult,  stretched South-Westerners Wookash, Otis, Hawk and Elo, carrying their own victorious eggs, swimming through our beautiful indie music venues for all of us to feast our eyes on, sharing the wealth and allowing our ears to hear like Kings and Queens.

Bristol based Birdman Cult follow up 2019’s “Snakes” with the single release of “Janet” via Donut Records.

Make-Make, sorry frontman Joe describes “Janet” as a romantic anthem for the undesirable; it’s a homage to the female lead in my favourite movie, “The Greasy Strangler”. “Janet” is a sort of viz-style caricature of the girl I lost my virginity to; the sort of sexually aggressive Queen I needed to chuck me about a bit and teach me how to dance”

“Janet”, as with “Snakes is produced by Chris Ellul of The Heavy and it’s mega rock n’ roll.  Trademark fuzz kicks this catchy track into gear from the off and will have you hook, line and sinker for the next three and half minutes when you’ll be reaching for rewind.  “Janet”, the Queen of disco will clearly teach you a thing or two about life and she’ll certainly tell you about the chorus and if you are “Doing it right”.  From the first listen, you’ll be up, jumping and on the search for your own Queen as the track continues to swirl around your head.  “Janet” will stay with you in true cult style without the need to swim for miles with an egg in your smalls to climb half-bare up a clifftop for some local kudos.

Everything about Janet oozes cult status, musically it’s a great rock n’ roll track, lyrically it’s personal, funny and incredibly fucking witty, add to that some amazing thumbnail artwork “Janet” and Birdman Cult should not be “myth’d”

Listen to “Janet” in all her glory HERE

And if that wasn’t enough, check out the incredible accompanying video HERE

The one thing we are missing right now is seeing this live.  Be strong, be patient, keep safe, it will come and it will all be worth it.

In the meantime, frontman Joe has treated us to the first “Proper Mint Narrowboat Lockdown” podcast which includes some cracking recommendations from bands Birdman Cult have played with and yet to play with.  It’s more than worth a listen and beats watching mind-numbing shit on the box.   You can check out “Proper Mint Narrowboat Lockdown” podcast here:


Peace & Love as per x

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