Review – Fuzzy Sun: Warm Nights

If any of you are feeling down during isolation there are a couple of things you need to remember, firstly, keep your chin up, keep smiling, it’s not forever and know that the parties will long continue, secondly Fuzzy Sun have release new track “Warm Nights” with b-side “Don’t Play The Fool” and the reason that this is important is because it will do all of those things …… it will keep your chin up, it will forever keep you smiling and the party continues, the only difference is that IT IS FOREVER!

The Stockport five-piece, stable mates of Blossoms on Very Clever Records have released just what we need! In “Warm Nights” they have released a track to help us forget for a moment that the world is going through a shit time.  The soulful intro is the pre-curser to a sun-drenched guitar that carries throughout the track and beach-led party harmonies and a stunning solo to keep you smiling – it’s the perfect antidote to a time where we all need to come together.

If “Warm Nights” is the playlist for the sunset evening, b-side “Don’t play the fool is the soundtrack to when the sun goes down, the lamp-light shines and the fire on the beach continues to crackle, the perfect accompaniment to the daytime, giving us more than a glimpse of better times, times that are coming again soon.  So as we all wait patiently for those imminent times, allow Fuzzy Sun to transport you to a place in your mind that makes it all worthwhile and remind us really just how fucking good they are …. not that we needed further proof.

“Warm Nights” is available now from the usual outlets


Peace & Love as per x

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