Record Store Day 2020 Preview – Sea Girls: Call Me Out

Go to school, start your own bands, sing, play all the instruments you can and then come together as a collective, call yourself Sea Girls after a loose interpretation from a Nick Cave track and bingo, 2017 release your first E.P.  An what an EP it was / is, an  EP that was the catalyst for high energy show and the start of a cult following as the summer festivals beckoned.

Title track “Call Me Out” is a beautifully energetic debut and kicks off the EP with two outstanding laid back tracks in “Favourite Colour” and “Daisy Daisy” sandwiching a mix between all three in the more haunting track “What you Eat”.

You can hear from the debut that Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Noswad and Oli Khan are all more than accomplished musicians and they have gone on from strength to strength ever since.  The gigs are a party, the crowd are amazing and the songs speak for themselves.

If you missed out on the EP the first time around, fear not as the good people are Polydor are releasing the EP on beautiful 12″ vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2020.  CHeck out the title track here:


Peace & Love as per x

Full list of RSD 2020 releases can be found here:

Full list of participating RSD 2020 stores can be searched here:

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