Record Store Day 2020 preview – Aashid Himons: The Gods And I

Electronic Reggae Boogie Funk for Record Store Day 2020 you say?  I’m in!  Taking from Aashid Himons  rare 1984 album “Kosmik Gypsy”, The Gods And I is released on the Music For Dreams / Fyraften label as part of this 12″ EP of beauty which includes the original mix, a remastered Fyraften version and “In a Figga of Speech” (also taken from Kosmik Gypsy)

Aashid Himons was described as a musical innovator that fused traditional country blues with reggae and world music, however The Gods And I is much more akin to a Hacienda style warehouse classic that will have your limbs flailing all over the dancefloor like a tasered criminal. The rare and sought after 1984 original album on vinyl is a beautiful thing to own, if you don’t have one already, you may be lucky enough to pick one up for a few hundred of your local currency but for those (like me) that don’t have this cracker in the collection, RSD 2020 is the perfect place to procure a monumental track that will be as rare as Kosmik Gypsy in years to come.

Stay safe, peace & love as per x

Full list of RSD 2020 releases can be found here:

Full list of participating RSD 2020 stores can be searched here:

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