Record Store Day 2020 Preview – The Ex: All Corpses Smell The Same

40 years making music from punk to post-punk with influences of Hungarian and Turkish folk songs, tours with Ethiopian saxophone legend Getatchew Mekuria and over 20 albums to date,  it’s safe to say that The Ex have travelled a musical landscape since their inception in the underground Dutch gutter scene of 1979.

Record Store Day 2020 sees the Superior Viaduct label release a clear 7″ vinyl of the 1980 EP “All Corpses Smell The Same”, a four track DIY punk masterpiece.  The original EP that was limited to just 500 copies has become a sought after beacon of punk royalty and there is not doubt that this reissue will will have fans and punk aficionados clambering to reignite the anarchic revolution.  My advice?  Get off your arses, support your local independent record store, start your own punk revolution, start a rock n’ roll revolution, start a dance-floor revolution, fuck it, even start a poptastic revolution if that’s what puts jam in your doughnut BUT most importantly start a vinyl revolution.

Peace & love as per x

Full list of RSD 2020 releases can be found here:

Full list of participating RSD 2020 stores can be searched here:

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