Record Store Day 2020 preview – Art Brut: Modern Art

As the world slips into deep uncertainty, music has never been so important.  As we all know, music has the ability to change a mood, emote a memory and generally make us all feel a lot fucking better about life no matter what is going on around us.  And while Record Store Day 2020 is currently postponed until 20th June, it merely gives us more time to get ourselves excited for one of the highlights of the musical year. So lets give this bobbins virus a big FUCK YOU, look after each other and celebrate the music of this fine world.

Art Brut fans are in for a rasper Record Store Day 2020 with a very special release of “Modern Art” on Alcopop! Records.  For some, the purchase of the very limited RSD release may be enough to ensure a majestic 20th June (hopefully) but it doesn’t end there!  Each of the 300 sleeves have been designed by different people with a very straight-forward lyric inspired brief: “JUST DO IT UP WITH ART THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO ROCK OUT” , if that’s not enough, perhaps knowing that some of the artists  in the stable of collaborating inkers include the legend that is John Cooper Clarke, Adam “Dev” Devonshire from IDLES, Jo Callis of The Human League, comedian and Game Of Thrones actor Ben Crompton, Tess Parks and many more including the band themselves.

Once you beautiful fans have got your grubby mitts on the record, simply crosscheck the release number on the Alcopop! Records website to find out who created your stunning piece of musical art (Brut) history.

If you don’t know the record, get your dancing gear round this:


Stay safe, peace & love as per x

Full list of RSD 2020 releases can be found here:

Full list of participating RSD 2020 stores can be searched here:




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