RSD 2019

Record Store Day 2019 preview – The Charlatans: Everything Changed

The Charlatans and their independent label, Beggars Banquet (Now Beggars Group) are planning an absolute fucking gem of a release for RSD 2019.  Charlatans Fans, artwork, memorabilia and vinyl fans rejoice and behold for Tim Burgess has curated a box set that not only looks the bollocks with its presentation box and 15 individual clear vinyl singles complete with B-Sides, but let’s face it, The Charlatans have made and continue to make some absolute belters so this is going to be pretty damn special.

So dust off your strides and get yourself in that queue at your local independent record stores and get on this ladies and gents

Expect early signature hammond organ,  Tim Burgess’ beautiful lyrics and perhaps some unknown pleasures. Here’s some early Charlatans for your pleasure:

Peace & Love as per x

Full list of stores can be found here:

Full list of releases can be found here:

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