Birthday boy – NG and some “quotes”!

It’s the Chief’s birthday today so what better way to honour the day with some of our favourite “quotes” from the man himself :

On his funeral: “I’m not really bothered ’cause I won’t be there. I don’t give a shit.” (Melody Maker, December 1998)
On playing guitar: “It’s a human playing a tree. Three chords on a guitar: now write a song. I only know 11! But I tell you what, God help you when i find the 12th!” (NME, September 2001)

On drugs: “If there were gold medals for taking drugs for England I would have won a shitload.” (Parkinson, Nov 2006)

On Kaiser Chiefs ‘being wankers’: “Well, they are, though. The worst thing about them is that they’re not very good. They play dress-up and sit on top of an apex of meaninglessness. They don’t mean anything to anybody apart from their fucking ugly girlfriends.” (Time Out: Chicago, December 2008)

On Oasis live: “This is rock ‘n’ roll, not a charity handout. I don’t care who you are, why you’re here, what you expect. If you buy the ticket then you’re going to get the show we put on. And if you don’t like it, you know what you can do.” (Dw World, March 2003)

On ‘Wonderwall’: “The Who always play ‘I Can’t Explain’; and we’ll always play ‘Wonderwall’. People ask us if we get bored of it. You can’t get bored of 15,000 people shouting for ‘Wonderwall’. That’s better than drugs. You get a hard-on when you hear that.” (Q, December 1999)


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