Scott Hutchison – R.I.P

And If happiness won't come to me, hand me the Nitrous Gas

“And if happiness won’t come to me, hand me the nitrous gas” – This Frightened Rabbit lyric, poignantly and beautifully written by Scott Hutchinson has been swirling round in my head constantly for the last few days, putting my mind in the shoes of those that care, looking for answers that will never appear.

The dreadful news was confirmed on Friday by police that the body of Frightened Rabbit songwriter, Scott Hutchison had been found dead.  Days before, brother and Frightened Rabbit drummer, Grant had let out a heartfelt appeal on social media:

  • grabbit  Has anyone seen my brother/bandmate/best friend? He’s in a very fragile state and has been missing since last night and we’re all incredibly worried. He was in a hotel in South Queensferry and hasn’t been seen or heard from since 1am. Please repost and share and get in touch if you have any info. His phone is with the police. If somehow you are reading this Scott then can you just let someone know you’re safe please? We love you very much x

I can only imagine what Grant and the rest of the family are going through now and no-one could ever imagine the pain and suffering that Scott Hutchison himself was feeling in his own mind, yet fans always thought they had an idea, maybe even a connection –   Scott was a songwriter who wore his heart on his sleeve and it showed in his lyrics.  He was never afraid to share with his fans exactly what he was going through, the thoughts he had and the things he wanted to do, they were there in technicolour for all to see.

Initially starting Frightened Rabbit as a solo career in 2003, Scott joined forces with his brother to release their debut album “Sing The Greys” in 2006.  Other band members going in the coming years and the band released 4 more albums to high acclaim, gathering a cult following en route that will stay with them when the dust has dispersed.

Hutchison’s lyrics were pure, heartfelt and at a time of lad-rock, Frightened Rabbit were the band that made it okay to sing about the awkwardness of life and love lost, rather than the ego trips of wannabe rock n’ rollers and talk of “I’ve got the biggest cock in the music industry”.

With Scott Hutchison’s solo album under the pseudonym Owl John and the single album release of “Dance Music” with supergroup, Mastersystem in only April of this year, Hutchison leaves behind an incredible, underrated back catalogue that should be forever treasured in British history.  There will be rarities released, films and books written no doubt but there is a massive truth that many people need to come to terms with – This week, the world lost a beautifully talented soul and a soul that shall not return.

The only way to sign off on this post is from Grant Hutchison’s social media today:

  • grabbitI will remember every single waltz with you x


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