RSD 2018 vinyl

RSD 2018 – Black Friday Special – The Jimi Hendrix Experience!

Black Friday eh?  The American shopping day following Thanksgiving that us gullible Brits have taken into our greedy hearts like the fast food, coffee drinking, Holloweening monsters we have become.  Yet another day for patriotic purists to reminisce about the good ol’ days, but fear not followers and readers (if there are any!) for something good has come out of Black Friday ……. All hail Black Friday Record Store Day, a sort of mini record store day to keep us going later in the year.

So as the tracksuit wearing mums  trade blows outside of Asda to get twenty quid off the new tv for the family bathroom, take solace in the fact that you can happy skip past onto your local record store and grab a limited edition or two.

Over the next few days, we will be featuring some of our favourites, starting with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the 7″ EP “Burning of the Midnight Lamp” on Sony Legacy and limited to just 3000 copies.  The band’s fourth single in the UK originally released in August 1967, Hendrix is said to have said about the title song “There are some very personal things in there. But I think everyone can understand the feeling when you’re travelling that no matter what your address there is no place you can call home. The feeling of a man in a little old house in the middle of a desert where he is burning the midnight lamp … you don’t mean for things to be personal all the time, but it is”.  It’s typically Hendrix, typically brilliant and should be a nailed on buy for any fan. ]

Full details of Black Friday RSD 2018 releases can be found here:


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