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Siracuse – This could just be the band you’ve been waiting for ……..

Cheltenham is famous………..It’s famous for being the birthplace of Brian Jones, original member and all round legend of Rolling Stones fame.  It’s also the birthplace of Michael Burston aka Würzel,  Motörhead-ing axe wielder. If you are a Tottenham fan (luckily I’m not), you may be interested to know that Eric Dier was born in this regency Spa town.  Cheltenham also gave birth to Great Britain’s most famous eagle, none other than Eddie himself!  The biggest festival of the horse racing season also takes place in this area of outstanding natural beauty as well as a load of interesting historical shit that could fill a fair few pages.

However, i’m not here to ramble on about Cheltenham, I am here to scribe about a few lads that hail from this Gloucestershire town.  A few lads that if they keep working hard could maybe one day be on that famous list of Cheltenham-ites …….hopefully knocking the likes of Eric Dier off in the process.  The lads in question are singer and guitarist, Ben Zakotti, bassist Matt Jefferies and drummer, Will Hall, collectively known as Siracuse.

Big beat indie psychedelia, drenched in reverb, driving bass lines, distorted guitars and classic Creation Records influence that would have Alan McGee booking the next train to Cheltenham.

Comparisons have come from far and wide with anything from Kasabian to Joy Division.

The sound is big, the sound is fucking bold, the sound is what you have been dying to hear from new music, you know the one to break the mould from the run of the mill shit that, thankfully we now have the opportunity to switch off thanks to our radio apps and great stations such as Mod Radio.  The sound is up there, out there and live is where it’s at.  By some stroke of genius, we will be lucky enough to catch Siracuse at a couple of festivals – I implore you to get along, camp out, stakeout, lookout, out out – whatever you need to do but get there and you will see for yourself just how good these lads are.

In the meantime, Monday 30th April sees the independent release of Siracuse’s second single “Control”.  A little nod back to their influences and no doubt the reason why ex-La’s and Cast genius, John Power wanted a piece of Siracuse on his undercard.

Accompanying the single with a fantastic video that will be available on RAMBLE ON and and EP to follow.


Festival Dates:

May 26th – Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol ( )

August 12th – Lakefest Festival, Herefordshire ( )



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