RSD 2018

Record Store Day Preview – The National

The Cincinnati based 5 piece and all round lyrical legends, The National, played a very special gig in Brussels on September 11 2017 when they played their seminal album “The Boxer” in it’s entirety to adoring fans.  Originally released in 2007, the LP received huge critical acclaim and is up there with some of The National’s best work but if you are a fan, I probably don’t need to tell you that once you are hooked on these boys, everything they touch turns to gold.  They are the sort of band you can listen to with like minded fans or locked in a dark room somewhere and you will be immediately positioned in National heaven.

For some, the gig in Brussels would have been difficult and perhaps expensive to get to but luckily,  those kind souls at 4AD are releasing “The Boxer-Live in Brussels” for Record Store Day 2018!

Another exclusive and another release to put Record Store Day 2018 up there with one of the best days of 2018, certainly better than some shit Royal wedding.

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