RSD 2018

Record Store Day Preview – The Maccabees

It was a sad day last year when The Maccabees decided to call it a day but it was a refreshing change to see a band do it with dignity and at a time that was right for them.  With each of the band going in different directions now but all seemingly happy.  I was lucky enough to be at the final gig at Alexandra Palace last year and it was one of those gigs where you could actually feel the love in the room, cliched maybe but true was this, the live of the crowd, the love of the band, the love of music.

The Maccabees music of course lives on and lives on for Record Store Day 2018 as “Wall Of Arms” is released as a picture disc, limited to just 1800 copies.  The ‘bees second LP originally released in 2009 features the classic “Love you Better” and fan favourite “No Kind Words”

Will you be lucky enough to get your filthy paws on a copy

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