RSD 2018

Record Store Day Preview – The Courteeners

As if it wasn’t enough that these Middleton lads have just released “St.Jude Re-Wired” where they have taken their debut album and remastered, not in a way that an anal guitarist would sit through weeks of old recordings only to remove a high-hat from the last verse and claim that the final track on LP no 13 is now “complete”, no this is remastered in a way where Liam and band have actually taken each track and stripped it back, not just a “lets take out all the cables to the amps” kinda stripped, this is stripped and reinvented, reinvented adding double basses and keys where keys shouldn’t work……… but they do and it’s greatly unexpected and hugely appreciated. – If you are a fan of The Courteeners, then you will have no doubt lost your shit over this ……. And perhaps on Record Store Day 2018, you are going to lose your shit again, for the gold-certified “St.Jude” is being issued on Red Vinyl!

All in all, it’s been a massive year already for The Courteeners ……… with some very happy fans!

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