RSD 2018

Record Store Day Preview – Cypress Hill

Fans of 90’s Hip-Hop rejoice and take a 25 year trip down memory lane as Cypress Hill’s highly acclaimed second offering, “Black Sunday” is being released for Record Store Day 2018 featuring previously unreleased remixes on Legacy/Sony Music.

An LP that features some of the Hill’s finest works that shaped a Hip-Hop landscape in 1993 when originally released, tracks such as “Insane in the Brain”, “I Wanna get high” and “I Ain’t going out like that” will have you reaching for homemade bong to relive those spacey days……… and for first time listeners, this record will no doubt have you trawling back through time to find out just how prominent this Latino-American Hip Hop band were and indeed still are, after all, B-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog and Bobo are still making music today and after an 8 year hiatus, 2018’s “Elephants On Acid” is due out sometime this year.

Peace x

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