RSD 2018

Record Store Day Preview – Amorphous Androgynous


The Future Sound Of London push the boundaries in music, they push the boundaries of what you “should” do when you produce eclectic electronic music, or at least what certain media types say you should do.  Luckily they have always stuck to what they believe in and made music the way they want it to sound and the way us music lovers want it to sound. As alter egos Amorphous Androgynous, this ethos seemed to be heightened to an even more colossal level and with “The Isness”, psych-rock electronica is in full force, transporting you to a world far away from the mundane boring lives people choose to avoid in social media.  Luckily for us we can be a part of a record day exclusive as The Isness is being released on 180g , 12″ glory, but this is no ordinary Isness, this is not even M&S Isness, this is the fucking Abbey Road version.  This is no doubt how The Isness should have sounded before regrettable last minute changes.

The Isness is the first one on our list to go in the Record Store Day bag, we just wish these 3 weeks would hurry the fuck up so we can bag it in tangible form!

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