Longy & The Gospel Trash – Lockdown & Reset

Who’s ready to take 2022 and rip up this shit with some dirty, funky rock n’roll courtesy of the urban legend that is Longy & The Gospel Trash?

If the answer to that first sentence is no, then get the fuck out, turn around, immerse yourself in the shit and rust that is the overground of today, but if you’re in the mood for said dirty, funky rock n’ roll then read on dear brothers and sisters, read on.

If ever a track was eagerly awaited, it’s Lockdown & Rest, you might not know it yet, but trust me when I say these incredible musicians and this this track is what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a force of nature, with Longy’s rasping vocals and spot on eloquence of life itself, this is the future, it’s our future.

Hailing from a new city status on the coast of Essex, Longy & The Gospel Trash are the revolution that will not be televised, the original way to be heard, full of energy, an army of tunes and one of those live artists that you just can’t keep your eyes and ears off, you know the ones that keep you from the bar and make you close to pissing yourself and forgetting that you are even there with you mates. In short – they need to be heard and they will be heard.

Lockdown & Reset will hit your soul with funk from the off, taking twists and turns that will keep you guessing and your heart beating, there’s nothing to fuck about with apart from the volume, get it up, get yourself up and let’s do this!

Lockdown & Reset hits your drums tomorrow Friday 14th January …. Turn on, tune in and get up on it:

If there is one artist you need to listen to in 2022, it’s Longy & The Gospel Trash – What a year ahead for Longy & the boys with some proper fucking news coming …… Keep your wits about ya cos you won’t want to miss it …. We will tell you all you need to know! Until then, get your tired arses out, fuck off whatever January was for you and get your dancing wheels down to The Macbeth on Feb 4th …. Tickets available here:

See ya there!

Peace & Love as per x

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