Kid Kapichi ft Bob Vylan – New England

Kid Kapichi - New England

Ahhhh Hastings ….. A chapter in my life with memories to embrace, some to forget and a few memories that I couldn’t even remember if I tried. Nights out, days in, days out, nights on the beach and lunch from a once public toilet.

There was nothing quite like living by the sea, a beauty in the cold of a winter of discontent, for a time, it was my England. Tidal waves of ocean spray to wake up the battered nervous system and sketchy organs. A place that offers hope beyond the horizon of old town shanty pints of sherbet and a place called home for one of the most exciting rock bands to spawn from pebbled shores – non other than Kid Kapichi.

2022 is upon us and Kid Kapichi have let it in with one helluva fucking bang with their new track “New England” featuring the class Bob Vylan, a track that is a far cry from the beautiful Kirsty MacColl’s near namesake , “New England” is a classy piece of punk-rock for the few to be masses in typical Kid Kapichi style.

“Fool Britannia, Britannia you’re so strange, Britannia you’ve gone insane” – Kid Kapichi and Bib Vylan have captured the nations thoughts and laid bare for all to hear with “New England”, lyrics so fucking true. I think we all feel fucked with no lube right now and we have done for far too long, and this feels like a big “Fuck you” we can all rally behind and give a purpose to the fight and look after our New England.

Kid Kapichi continue to carve their way, indelibly into the roots of the music we want to hear and 2022 looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Big love to these lads, fucking immense – Check out the video for “New England” following it’s release on Friday:

Peace & Love as per x

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