Amber Jay – Stay the Same

Unquestionably heartbreaking lyrics against an 80’s-esque backdrop of alternative pop with a haunting intro. Sounds intriguing right? Well stick that headline in a musical blender and add in the naturally soft, effortlessly fucking cool vocal of Liverpool’s Amber Jay and you have yourself the perfect new track “Stay The Same”, a track that that shows what a true talent amber jay is and that only good things can possibly lie ahead.

“Stay The Same” was released on Friday with confirmation that the impending EP “Never Too Far From The Dark” is due to hit our ears at the start of March. It’s a track that maybe on paper shouldn’t work – the lyrics, the beats, the voice but take the foggy glasses off and fuck me does it work!!

After the release of Penciled Brims and now this, Amber Jay proves her songwriting prowess and it’s no surprise that she’s getting love from the BBC and radio stations the length and breadth of the UK.

Lyrically Amber Jay says “Stay The Same” is kind of like a lilo in the water and every time you try and wade towards it to get on, the waters’ ripples from your movement pushes it further and further away” ….. We’ve all been there in life, love and desperation.

I also just want to take a moment to praise Amber and countless other artists out there who continue to put out amazing music and continue to be their creative best when it must be so fucking hard to keep the spark alive in a a fucked up world without gigs and contact with the people they love. Big fucking shout out to all you ….. you absolute beasts!

The only way to truly understand just how much of a talent Amber Jay is, is to find out for yourself:

Peace and love as per x

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