Review – Blanketman: Taking You With Me

Hailing from the great city of Manchester, Blanketman make their long-awaited debut into the single world with “Taking Me With You”.

The low budget video sits perfectly among the lack of post-punk brilliance fleeting around the vast airwaves of today.  Blanketman are one for the people, we all know that deep down we are not looking at a revolution, the thought of which excites but that’s where it ends, we just want a band serious enough to not take life too seriously because no matter how shit life can feel at some point, your own music virtues can keep you happy if you know how to look and that’s a fact.

“Taking Me With You” can’t really be nailed down to one comparison but for the is an essence of Bowie in lead singer Adam Hopper’s voice and definitely a huge nod to New York’s finest, Talking Heads bring us in to this obscure and unknown century. Jingling riffs and shoegazy harmonies for the post-punk millennial and ultra-millennial with a touch of Ian Curtis’ magnificent limbs.

If “Taking You With Me” is anything to go by, these peeps have a very bright future so strap on your boots and we’ll have a little dance shall we?

Check out the vid here:


Check the band out on the usual social channels!

Peace & Love as per x

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